Hehe, that's how my grandma says guacamole, and it cracks me up every time!
I decided I would post my guacamole recipe as well.

I use, obviously, an avacado. I like the Mexican ones much more than the California ones for some reason, probably just another by-product of being from Southeast Texas. Anywho, the first thing I do is add about a half a lemon's worth of juice, to stop the avacado from browning.
I always have to have tomatoes and chopped onions in my guacamole, too. It's required. In fact, the ex hated tomatoes, so I would always make two batches because I had to have mine WITH tomatoes. Ass.
Moving on...
I add fresh garlic if I have it, and if not, powdered. I always go heavy on the garlic because, well, I love it. And I'm scared of vampires. If I have fresh jalapenos, which is rare, I'll add one of those too. But regardless, lots of pepper and Lawry's seasoned salt -- it just makes the flavors brighter to me -- and a dash of cayenne pepper, and voila! Gwhack-a-mole!

BTW, Sarah, I might try the Worcestershire idea. That sounds interesting.



Sarah said...

I definately reccommend it. My mom told me about it once and I thought she was crazy, but it adds a kick to it. I love cilantro too, but I'll put that on anything.

EP said...

Oh, yum. I've forgotten about your guacamole.

We need to hang out soon so you can make this and some soyriso. Hey, it was good. (: Or I could make something too, I suppose...