Grilled Cheese

I'm with you, Sarah. I LOVE grilled cheese. My mom gave me one of those old sandwich toasters (not a panini press — no lines). It doesn't require any butter at all, and it only takes like 3 minutes. You can put anything in there! 

My favorite recently has been to put sandwich-sliced Chorizo (you can find it  near the Walmart deli section) and mozzarella or pepper jack. It's delicious!
Also, I made a four-cheese grilled sandwich with American, cheddar, mozzarella and feta. Yum.
My favorite restaurant in Natchez has this creamy balsamic dressing that is about the consistency of thick ranch, and I spread it on the bread sometimes. It's spicy and tangy.
(As you can see, I'm addicted.) Anyone else?



Sarah said...

Mmm chorizo sounds good. I've thought about bacon, but that's an even better idea. And the combonation of cheese sounds deadly good....

Sarah said...

Also, we should find a way to steal the Chealsea's recipe. Nothing can top that.

Erin said...

Was that the place we went to when I was there on Sunday? Because, if so, that dressing is one of my favorite things.

Krysten said...

Yeah, it is. I wake up in the morning craving that stuff!!!
I try to resist as much as possible, though, because I don't even want to know how fattening it is!