I've started to feel a little home sick with football season getting in full swing and me not being able to tailgate with fellow Tiger fans. So this weekend I decided to have a one-man tailgate dinner before LSU's tragic loss to Florida.

For the opening I made a nice big bowl of Guacamole.

-- Three ripe avocados
-- A medium size tomato
-- A small, or half a large sweet onion
-- A lime or Fruit Fresh
-- Garlic Powder

Cut the avocados in half and remove pit. Use a spoon to get the edible part of the avocado out, be sure to scrape all the way to the skin since the dark green part on the edges is the tastiest in my opinion.

Dice the tomato and onion in the small pieces and add to avocado.

Add garlic powder to your taste.

Add the juice or a lime or fruit fresh, this keeps it from browning.

Stir it all together, mashing the avocado junks as you go.




Sarah said...

My mom says to addd a splash of wosterschire sauce to to gives it a perfect tangy flavor and balances out the lime.