Taco Soup

Hey girls, this is a really simple recipe for a really hearty, warming soup. I made it last night because it was so freaking cold, and it did just the trick. Enjoy it with a beer if you're feeling frisky!

1 lb. ground beef
1 med. white onion
2 cans diced or stewed tomatoes
2 cans pinto beans with jalapenos
2 cans hominy (yellow or white)
1 can water
1 can beef stock
2 pkgs. McCormick taco seasoning
1 pkg. Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix
Cheddar or Mexican blend cheese
Sour Cream
Tortilla Chips

Brown up your ground beef and saute your onions in the bottom of a big soup pot, adding a bit of salt and pepper. Once the meat is done, scale back the heat to about medium/medium-high, and add both cans of tomatoes.
Add the can of water and the can of beef stock.
(HINT: You can add two cans of water if you don't have the beef stock, or if you plan on letting it cook longer. The stock just makes it taste like it's been cooking all day without having to spend more than 30-45 minutes on it.)
Add the two packets of taco seasoning and the packet of ranch dressing mix and let simmer about five minutes, then add all the pinto beans and hominy (don't drain). (NOTE: Hominy is large corn that doesn't have the waxy skin. I like to use one can or white and one of yellow, but it really doesn't matter. They taste the same. If you can't find hominy, corn will work too.)
Let simmer for at least 10 more minutes, or put it on low-medium and let cook as long as you need it to. This works great in a crock pot as well.
To serve, spoon into a bowl and crush tortilla chops over top. Add a dollop of sour cream and as much cheese as you want, and enjoy!



Shannalee said...

Totally bookmarking this one. Soup sounds awesome on this cold day in Chicago. UGH!