Ladies! I'm stuck in a food rut! It's so bad that I invited people over for Sunday night dinner/True Blood watch party, and I'm seriously considering ordering pizza instead of cooking. This is definitely not a good sign for me.
I considered making some delicious gourmet burgers, and then I considered making The Neelys' BBQ spaghetti...but it all just sounds like so much work! When did I get too lazy to cook?!
I feel like if I find the right recipe/motivation, I can get back into it. It's like working out: once you get into the rhythm and see the results, you can't stop. So I need your help, ladies. Throw me some good recipes that will kick-start my cooking drive!


Erin said...

I think you should make a gourmet pizza instead of ordering one.

Bake some chicken, cut up some onions, maybe add an avocado and some prosciutto and you've got an awesome pizza! That is somewhat healthy...